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NFL Survivor Pool Rules/Help

Log in each week using your username and password. If you have trouble accessing the site, logging in or completing your entry, please contact the Administrator for help. When in doubt email your picks to the administrator before game time so we can go in later and record your picks.

Each week you will select a team to win their game. Once you have selected a team, that team will no longer be available to you in future weeks. If you win, you move on. This survivor pool is double elimination, if you lose twice, you will be eliminated from the pool. If nobody wins in a given week, everybody that was eligible for that week will move on. The lone survivor will take home the pot. If there are more than one person still alive after week 17, the pot will be split.

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  • I agree to the fact that I will be participating for the full season, or until I am eliminated, and will pay for the full season ($100) by September 6.
  • It is my responsibility to make sure that my payment has been recorded. If I make a payment and 4 weeks later I tell you it hasn’t been recorded, what is recorded will stand.


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