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Pool Rules

Survivor Pool

This pool is separate from the weekly picks pool. If you choose to participate, you must enter during the first week the season. The entry fee is $100.00.

The pool runs over the entire regular season. Each week, you must pick one team among those playing that you think will win its game. You can use each team only once.

The goal of the survivor pool is to outlast your fellow players. If your team wins, you survive and continue on to the next week. If your team loses, it counts as a miss. Miss two games and you are eliminated.

Note that if you do not make a pick for a given week, it counts as a loss. If the game ends in a tie, it is considered a win. In the event all active players are eliminated in a single week, those players will be reinstated and continue to the next week.

When only one player remains, he or she wins the pot. If more than one player survives to the end of the regular season, the number of correct picks will be used as a tiebreaker. Should two or more players still be tied, they will split the pot equally, or collectively decide to keep playing.

Making and Changing Survivor Picks

As with the weekly pool, you may make or change your pick for the survivor pool up until all games for that particular week are locked. If you pick a team playing an early game, you cannot change that pick once that game is locked. Likewise, you cannot pick a team whose game has been locked.

You can make your picks in advance for upcoming weeks. Note, however, that when you make a pick, that team is no longer available for use in other weeks. So if you later decide you want to use that team in a different week, you'll first need to change or delete the existing entry for it.

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Pool Rules