Pool History: 

Tim started The TWaz Football Pool in 1999 as a small office pool at the Boulder, Colorado office of TRG. Coupled with surrounding offices, the pool drew 12 people that year, and the rules were slightly different than what we have now -- spreads weren't rounded to the nearest .5 pt (tie games went to the underdog), and there weren't any negative points. The second year of the pool saw the rules change to the current format -- 18 players were involved in 2000. 2005 saw another great milestone for the pool -- it's own website. As the numbers kept increasing, so did the labor involved in keeping up with everybody's picks, and something needed to be done -- so a simple .asp based webpage was created on Ron's domain. 2007 was monumental in that the pool finally got its own domain...twazpool.com...and the automation of the NCAA Football Pool that Tim had been running manually for 4 years. 

About Tim & Ron: Tim is a technical recruiter, currently working in the Life Science and Clinical Diagnostic field from his home office in Colorado. The pool is his brain-child -- operating it manually for the first 5 years, then adding crucial input and administration into the pool's new website. Today, he serves as the lead point of contact for all pool participants, as well as paying out all your winnings. 

Ron is an architect, currently working for a firm in Denver, Colorado. He was merely a player in the pool for the first few years -- but eventually convinced Tim that the pool needed to be automated, before he collapsed from exhaustion. Ron spear-headed the web-presence of the pool, and now acts as website administrator, and designer. 

If you have any suggestions for the pool, or the website -- feel free to email either of us: twasikxs@yahoo.com or ron@twazpool.com

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